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HTXmade is a full-service manufacturer of furniture and architectural woodwork, based in Houston, Texas.

HTXmade - Our Company

Transformation through craftsmanship

We take every opportunity to connect customers to the skill and thoughtfulness that goes into building beautiful products. Our passion for this work extends from the traditional artistry inherent in woodworking to the exciting design freedom offered by today's modern technology, materials, and techniques. Practicing this craft means that we enjoy a challenge. Our team thrives on relentlessly refining the production process, surpassing the expectations of our clients, and creating heirloom-quality work to be enjoyed for decades. 

Facility and Capabilities

HTXmade operates out of 19,000 square feet of facility on the campus of the East End Maker Hub, an incubator for innovative manufacturing businesses. Through a healthy mix of industrial grade machinery, the plant is designed to accommodate multiple workflows at once, extending the flexibility of the workshop while maintaining throughput. By designing products in concert with the default workflows, clients may realize significant cost savings and reductions in production times for the projects. Regarding all wood products, from milling to final finishing and assembly, every aspect of the production process may be carefully managed in-house. 

While our space is devoted to woodworking and the final assembly of each project, the largest maker-space in America, TXRX Labs, is our closest neighbor and tremendously expands our production capabilities. By offering access to a variety of additional tools including metal machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, 2D and 3D metal laser fabrication, and much more, we are able to offer a unique suite of product development options for a range of clients. For larger projects where storage capacity is vital, the Hub offers convenient month-to-month storage space. There are few constraints to the size and type of projects that may be pre-fabricated by our team and partners and stowed away until installation day. 

Where we have a need for specialized fabrication or larger quantity production runs, we are well connected with a resilient network of vendors that share our commitment to quality. Whether we are coordinating with a raw materials supplier to ensure the best stock for the design or managing the assembly and finishing of different materials, electronics, and other functionality, trusted vendors are critical to successful manufacturing. Houston, TX is one of the best places in America for manufacturing.